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Update - February 2022

While we will always endeavour to organise events with an abundance of caution, we are delighted to note that we are planning for more in-person events, now and in the not-too-distant future. We recognise that Covid-19 is still an issue and therefore due consideration to attendee safety will always be given at the planning stage. However, we feel that there is a huge amount to be gained through in-person interaction and discussion at our events, and will therefore be aiming to return to this format where possible. It's also a great chance to enjoy some hard-won off-screen time!

In some cases, of course, an online format will simply be preferable for convenience depending on the type of event. There will undoubtedly continue to be online-only events to attend if your preference is for those.

We look forward to seeing you in whatever medium you prefer soon!



Social nights

First Friday of every month we hang out as we eat. Location changes so stay posted on the calendar above or on Facebook


Discussion groups

Aiming to have a discussion group each month, stay up to date on Facebook, MeetUp or by email by becoming a member

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