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We're a community of people trying to do a lot of good with our careers, time, and donations.

We use evidence and careful reasoning to figure out how to help others effectively.

We're part of the effective altruism movement, a global community trying to implement the principles of effective altruism around the world.


Effective Altruism Melbourne started when people from around Melbourne started meeting casually to discuss effective altruism ideas. We were incorporated in 2015. Click here to read about our history, and become a member.


The effective altruism community in Melbourne meets regularly to discuss the ideas of effective altruism, and to meet other aspiring effective altruists. We run discussion groups, social events, workshops, and more. Click here to view our events calendar.


There are various online spaces, both local and global, with the purposes of facilitating discussion and the formation of connections between aspiring effective altruists. Click here to find out how you can connect with us online.

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